We know what it’s liked to be cyberstalked, and it’s a terrible feeling. Kamshield is an innovative product to help protect you and your family from that awful experience. The camera shield comes in many different sizes, colors, and designs so that you can find the perfect fit for a variety of devices and for any style preference.

We Focus on Security

You may think it would never happen to you or your family, but the truth is hackers can easily gain access to your webcams. When they do, they gather images, recordings, and videos of you and your family, hoping to get either sensitive financial information or even blackmail material to threaten you.

With Kamshield’s specialty-designed device and laptop webcam covers, you can rest easy knowing that your privacy and information is secure. Unlike tape, it leaves no sticky residue when removed, and its easy slide-to-open feature means you do not have to remove it every time you want to use your camera. Just slide it open to use and then slide it shut to keep your camera secured.

With computers being used even more frequently to discuss and record finances and by an ever-growing amount of young children, it has never been more imperative to keep your cameras — and families — secure.

We Support Our Community

We donate five percent of all sales to the P.S. I Love You Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youth through social and emotional learning programs. Kamshield chose this program to help teach the importance of cybersecurity and the dangers that technology can present if you aren’t careful.

Please look at our collection of products to find the laptop camera blocker or camera privacy shield that will work for you and your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information on our company and the products we offer. We look forward to helping you and your family remain safe and secure.

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