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Newly Developed Kamshield Webcam Cover Protects Users’ Privacy From Internet Hackers

Tech entrepreneur Kameron Miller announces Kamshield, an elegantly designed cover that fits securely over the webcam of the laptop, Chromebook, iPad or tablet, safeguarding one’s privacy from cybercriminals. The simple, ultra-thin cover sticks to the camera with a 3M adhesive, protecting the device from any wear and tear. It is designed to help more than 73 percent of Americans who have fallen victim to cybercrimes along with the 27 percent of Americans who have not yet been affected. The vulnerability of smart devices exposes all users to potential breaches of privacy. Cybercriminals can gain access to one’s webcam to blackmail or extort or use their private images for unimaginable things.

Having experienced a breach of privacy herself and after learning any device with a camera and Wi-Fi can be hacked, single mother Kameron researched how to protect herself and her family. With no products meeting her needs, she created Kamshield, a webcam cover made to fit perfectly with many devices. “Life is about taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. I believe in taking immediate action,” says Kameron. Having more than a decade of experience in collaborating with businesses to increase their value, Kameron effectively solves problems. “Privacy should not be taken lightly. My goal is to protect vulnerable tech users especially women, children, and families, with Kamshield.”

Five percent of all Kamshield sales are donated to P.S. I Love You Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing youth through social and emotional learning programs. Kameron chose the foundation to help teach children about cyber safety and the dangers associated with technology. According to a nationwide survey that measures technology use among children 8 years old and younger the amount of time young children spend on mobile devices has tripled in the last four years. “It is imperative for parents, teachers, and children to know the dangers of what’s behind the screen,” says Kameron. Growing up with five sisters also led to an increase of female empowerment in her household. “I want to empower mothers, sisters, and daughters from all over the world.”


Kamshield is an elegantly designed cover that fits securely over the webcam of the laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or tablet, and it is the only way to keep the webcams on the device secure when they are not in use. In seconds, cybercriminals and voyeurs can secretly take over and control the camera on laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices—giving them access to images and video of your most intimate moments. Visit www.kamshield.com or like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kamshield/, and follow us on Twitter @KamshieldLLC and Instagram @kamshield.


Kameron Miller, the founder of Kamshield, understands the importance of privacy. Kameron discovered any device with a camera and Wi-Fi can be hacked. She searched to find what was there to protect her family and the everyday household. She soon realized there was very little protection to prevent hackers from accessing a device’s camera. Kameron was driven to protect her children and every other smart device user, from what happened to herself and many like her. Kameron is no stranger to entrepreneurship; Kameron’s innovative and forward-thinking abilities have always played a significant role in bringing value to a business. Kameron has a deep expertise in strategic planning, growth strategy and execution. She has more than a decade of experience in collaborating with businesses and private companies to increase their value. Kameron’s passion is to help build, inform, and support one another to make the world safe for our children and the future.


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