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Former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf Raises Awareness For Protection Against Hackers With New Webcam Cover Kamshield

Former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf teams up with Kamshield to discuss the importance of privacy and the protection of using a webcam cover.

As a victim of cyberstalking, former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf gained the ability to understand and discuss the importance of protection against internet voyeurs. While studying at college, Wolf learned her private information was compromised and that she was being filmed through her webcam by a former high school classmate. Wolf’s encounter was devastating, but she refused to let it affect the rest of her life, which is why she currently serves as an advocate for hacking victims. Her appearances often touch on the subjects of cyber safety, internet predators, and cyberbullying.

Wolf’s efforts include educating children by visiting schools as well as raising awareness about the newly launched Kamshield webcam cover. With Kamshield, covering the camera of your laptop, Chromebook, iPad or tablet is seamless. The simple, ultra-thin cover sticks to the camera lens with a 3M adhesive, protecting the device from any wear and tear. “I want everyone to know that it’s never too late to protect themselves,” says Wolf. “People with similar stories constantly reach out to me and ask for help. It’s a no-brainer that collaborating with Kamshield is a great way to continue sharing my experience and educate others about the importance of a webcam cover.”

Once Kamshield founder Kameron Miller heard about Cassidy Wolf’s journey, she immediately felt a connection as a cyberstalking victim herself. She didn’t hesitate to reach out and ask Wolf to join the Kamshield team as an ambassador. The cover itself was created after Miller’s computer was compromised leaving her to feel vulnerable and unsafe. Miller’s computer was hacked, and personal images were stolen. “The moment I met Cassidy, I learned that we shared a terrible experience, but it inspired a movement to teach others that their web-connected cameras could be hacked. Cassidy and I are a team, exclaims Miller. Together, we strive to get the message out about the importance of covering your devices when they are not in use. We’re both extremely passionate about this topic. We hope that others don’t have to deal with invasions of privacy and that the incidences of cyberstalking diminish.”

Kamshield is an elegantly designed cover that fits securely over the webcam of your laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or tablet, and it is the only way to keep the webcams on your device secure when they are not in use. In seconds, cybercriminals and voyeurs can secretly take over and control the camera on your laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices-giving them access to images and video of your most intimate moments. Visit or like us on Facebook at, and follow us on Twitter @KamshieldLLC and Instagram @kamshield.

Former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf is speaking out on cyber safety. The lifestyle influencer, MTV co-host and model is spreading the word wherever she goes on the importance of keeping your cameras covered on your computers and tablets. She has recently teamed up with Kamshield to speak out about her personal experience that ended up in the FBI hall of fame. Instagram @cassidywolf_

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